SWISSto12 takes off with NSLComm


Lausanne, Switzerland – Oct 1st 2019 – SWISSto12 a provider of 3D-printed telecommunications equipment for the satellite communications and aerospace industries, announced today the successful launch and commissioning of its Ka band antenna feeder assembly aboard the NSLComm’s NSLSat-1 satellite.

Additive manufacturing (3D printing), provides a unique opportunity for the next-generation communication payloads onboard satellites. The technology also brings new design and manufacturing challenges that SWISSto12 now masters after several years of development. The mission of NSLComm’s NSLSat-1 demonstrates the delivery of high bitrate Ka band communications from low earth orbit.

This successful launch confirms the strong traction and buildup of space flight heritage SWISSto12 is experiencing in the satellite telecommunications industry. Today, Swissto12 is working with several renowned satellite prime manufacturers to launch multiple advanced antenna or signal interconnect systems in both LEO and GEO orbits over the course of 2019.

NSLComm Co-Founder and Chief Engineer Daniel Rockberger: “ We are delighted on the cooperation with Swissto12 and to be the first to prove the technology in space, 3D printed RF components are the future of communication payloads being viable in small platforms such as the NSLSAT-1 satellite”

About Swissto12

SWISSto12 is a leading provider of 3D-printed telecommunications equipment for the satellite communications and aerospace industries. The company’s advanced additive manufacturing technologies deliver lightweight, highly performing and competitive communication products. SWISSto12’s lead customers in the space industry include Airbus Defense and Space, Thales Alenia Space, Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions and the European Space Agency.

About NSLComm

NSLComm is an innovative “New Space” company, which focuses on developing advanced Nano-Satellites technology for ultra-high bitrate communications. NSLComm owns a unique technology which enables it to design large diameter, high gain, flexible antenna. NSLComm antenna is made from a special flexible space qualified polymer which can be folded, contained and integrated into a very small (cube-sat Nano size) communication satellite. Once in space the antenna deploys and enables satellite communications. NSLComm’s Nano-satellite (called ‘NSLSat1’) has the capability to provide ultra-high bitrate data link with a very small SATCOM terminal. NSLComm technology aims to optimize the efficiency while reducing the cost of satellite communications and by that disrupts the entire communications industry.