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Emile de Rijk

Dr. Emile de Rijk

CEO and Board member

Dr. Peter Guggenbach

Chief Growth Officer

Franck Barbe

VP Finance

Dr. Frank Schreckenbach

VP Program Management

Jean-Marie Jacquet


Larissa Updike

Executive assistant

Sandra Senent

Administrative Assistant

Dr. Tomislav Debogovic

Head RF Engineering

Michael Kaliski

VP Payload Engineering

Mathieu Billod

Head of Manufacturing Technology

Hadar Naor

VP Sales Defense EMEA

Dr. Mirko Favre

Senior Project Manager

Dr. Nordahl Autissier

Senior Project Manager

Dr. Santiago Capdevila

Senior RF Engineer

Dr. Alexandre Dimitriades

RF Project Manager

Amit Makhanian

RF Engineer, EW & Radar Systems

Steve Wasem

Mechanical Engineer

Sven Ostrini

IT Manager & Systems Administrator

Mick Parker

Senior Project Manager

Esteban Menargues

Senior RF Engineer

Enrica Calà

Senior Sales Engineer

Alfredo Catalani

Senior Antenna Engineer

Detlef Conradin

RF Engineer

Dr. Stefano Sirci

RF Engineer

Dr. Antoine Calleau

RF Engineer

Manou Serres

Satellite Systems Engineer

Lionel Simon

3D Printing Engineer

Cathy Fong

Mechanical design engineer and PM

Eric Barthalais

Mechanical Designer

Yannick Guyot

Quality Engineer

Adriana Dos Santos

Quality & Logistics Operator

Melania Zuodar

Quality Control and Assembly Operator

Alban Mourier

Process Engineer

Samir Archi

Mechanical Workshop Chief

Dr. Philippe Blanc


Jimmy Rede Reis


Harry Akimpaye Nizeye

Industrial Buyer


Emile de Rijk

Dr. Emile de Rijk

CEO and Board member

Roland Loos


Philipp Thurn und Taxis

Board member “Constantia New Business”

Pär Lange

Board Observer “Swisscom Ventures”

Nils Granath

Board member “ZKB and Swisscanto”