Cutting Edge Competence

SWISSto12’s team is composed by top level engineers and staff across several fields that are key to its activities: radio frequency, material science, mechanics, design, chemistry, aerospace qualification and system engineering. This allows the company to approach everyday’s challenge with a multidisciplinary skillset to systematically reflect beyond the boundaries of historic solutions. This Multiphysics engineering approach allows SWISSto12 to enable a new generation of disruptive Radio-Frequency products.

Disruptive Technology

SWISSto12 has developed a game changing patented technology based on 3D printing that opens a new world of solutions for radio frequency applications. Previously impossible designs and complex materials allow for ground-breaking increases in operational performance for target applications, be it space, air, naval or ground based. The technology is also devised to produce these results with much lighter product weight and is ideal for accelerated and agile production lead times.

Industrial Capacity

Through its in-house manufacturing production capacity and trusted partners, SWISSto12 provides Radio Frequency components worldwide, in constantly increasing quantity and with aerospace quality standards. Large scale 3D printing, surface treatment, integration and testing steps are structured and operated to perfection by SWISSto12’s team to deliver with trusted lead time, quality and with managed costs. Its products and processes are qualified and scaled for the space and aeronautical markets.