SWISSto12 and Saturn Satellite Networks collaborate to bring advanced small telecommunication satellites to GEO


Washington DC, September 8th 2021 – SWISSto12, a leading provider of payload systems for
telecommunication satellites based on novel 3D printing technologies and Saturn Satellite
Networks, a leading developer of small geostationary satellite missions, announce today a
collaboration agreement whereby they join forces to build and market GEO telecom missions
based on both Micro-geostationary, ISN, and Nationsat satellites. These missions deliver highly
competitive connectivity from GEO orbit based on small and affordable satellites, thereby
enabling new application cases for satellite connectivity that complement the offering of
larger legacy satellites.

In this collaboration, SWISSto12 will make its end-to-end advanced flexible payloads available
to be matched with three different classes of small satellite platforms: the Micro-geostationary Satellite, the Intelligent Space Node (ISN), or the Nationsat which are all enabled by the cutting edge bus, with proven GEO heritage from Saturn’s affiliate company NovaWurks and its HISat

SWISSto12 will lead the marketing of turnkey GEO telecom satellites based on a
platform of approximately 2kW payload power while Saturn Satellite Networks will lead the
marketing of turnkey GEO telecom and high throughput satellites (HTS) based on the ISN and
Nationsat platforms of approximately 5kW payload power. These classes of satellites
complement each other in the emerging segment of smaller GEO telecommunication
satellites and offer a complete set of solutions to address specific requirements of satellite

Missions addressed range from BSS and FSS spacecraft, which can provide a competitive
replacement option for aging satellites, to HTS satellites for flexible global coverage or
offering regional coverage for existing or emerging operators. Available frequencies range
from C-band to Q/V-band.

The partnership capitalizes on the experience of spacecraft and payload engineering teams
from both companies with workforce based both in Europe and the U.S.

“There is a lot of opportunity in Micro-geostationary satellites which is currently not addressed.
Combining best of breed payload and platform solutions through this cooperation enables
missions that can truly handle the performance and cost challenges of smaller missions in
GEO while mitigating the risks of space,” said Dr. Emile de Rijk, CEO of SWISSto12. “We are
extremely excited to enable new mission opportunities for the satellite communications
industry together with Saturn.”

“This cooperation with SWISSto12 strengthens our mission to provide robust and affordable
satellite platforms for nations lacking the resources for affordable space-based services using
a national asset. Our innovative satellite platform designs, combined
with SWISSto12’s payload technology and expertise improve our satellite products and
provides nations, satellite operators, and most importantly, end users, an affordable, reliable
service from GEO” said Thomas Choi, CEO of Saturn Satellite Networks. “We are very pleased
to work with SWISSto12 to bring novel designs using flight proven technologies and
innovative solutions to our customers.

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About SWISSto12
SWISSto12 is the leading developer of advanced satellite payload subsystems based on its
disruptive radio frequency (RF) products. The company’s patented 3D printing technologies
and associated product designs are unique to deliver lightweight, compact, highly performing,
and competitive RF products and sub-systems. Besides its space product portfolio, the
company is also active in telecommunications, surveillance and radar applications for the
aeronautic and defense industry. SWISSto12 has developed commercially with success in
Europe and Israel with prominent partners and customers such as Thales group, Elbit, IAI and
the European Space Agency. SWISSto12 is the fastest growing Swiss aerospace company, spun
off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), is privately owned and
backed by prominent Swiss and European Investors.

About Saturn Satellite Networks
Established in 2017 by experienced satellite operations professionals to redefine the
approach for building reliable GEO communications satellites, enabling countries and
operators to have affordable access to space communications. SSN has designed and
developed the Nationsat and ISN, small 5kW GEO communications and HTS satellite systems
that can provide requirements of a nation for video and data communications applications.
In addition to the Nationsat, SSN developed the ISN platform with an all-digital, fully
reprogrammable, high throughput payload. All SSN platform subsystems have either
previously flown on other missions or would have undergone extensive GEO qualification
procedures to ensure complete reliability in orbit. SSN entered into a M&A agreement with
NovaWurks Inc., a California based corporation that is the builder of the HISat, a modular
satellite platform that is integrated to fit any mission required by the payload in GEO, MEO or
LEO orbits. The HISat serves as the basic platform of all SSN satellite platforms.

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