Multi-frequency notch filters and corrugated 200 to 400 GHz waveguide components manufactured by stacked ring technology.

  • VOL.
  • 59
  • NO.
  • 6
  • pp.
  • 1388–1390
    • M.Thumm
    • D.Wagner
    • Rijk
    • W.Bongers
    • W.Kasparek
    • F.Leuterer
    • A.Macor
    • J.-P.Ansermet
    • F.Monaco
    • M.Münich

Abstract— This paper presents two W-band waveguide bandpass filters, one fabricated using laser micromachining and the other 3-D printing. Both filters are based on coupled resonators and are designed to have a Chebyshev response. The first filter is for laser micromachining and it is designed to have a compact structure allowing the whole filter to be made from a single metal workpiece. This eliminates the need to split the filter into several layers and therefore yields an enhanced performance in terms of low insertion loss and good durability.

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