Flight Software/Test Engineer

SWISSto12 is one of the world’s fastest-growing aerospace companies, evolving from its pioneering use of 3D printing technologies for high-performance Radio Frequency (RF) products and applications to recently announcing the manufacture of entire geostationary telecom satellites, called HummingSat, that define a new category in space.

SWISSto12 is a leading provider of Radio-Frequency (RF) products and sub-systems for aerospace applications. The company’s patented 3D printing technologies and associated product designs are unique to deliver lightweight, compact, highly performing, and competitive RF products.

SWISSto12 is also providing the HummingSat as the world’s first commercial telecom GEO SmallSat developed in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA). Its uniquely compact size combined with highly capable telecom payloads allows telecommunications operators to deploy a cost-efficient, compact and agile asset without sacrificing performance or security. HummingSat has recently been selected by Inmarsat to build three I-8 satellites and in 2022 by Intelsat to build the I-45 satellite.

As a Flight Software Engineer, you will play a crucial role in supporting flight software development and testing activities. You will collaborate closely with subsystem engineers to gather requirements and translate them into software specifications. Additionally, you will be responsible for developing software, test scenarios and providing support to the operations team.

In this role, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Write and update flight software specifications working with multiple engineering teams.
  • Design and develop reliable and fault-tolerant software.
  • Define and write test scenarios.
  • Integrate and test software in simulation, hardware-in-the-loop and spacecraft environments.
  • Provide assistance and support to the operations team, especially in early development stages.
  • Ensure compliance with development processes in regulated space environment.
  • Utilize version control systems and set up/configure development environments.
  • Manage documentation using tools such as Doxygen and Sphinx.
  • Experience working with large data volumes from databases.

Required experience and competencies:

  • Proficiency in programming languages, knowledge in C is a plus.
  • Experience in specification writing and flow-down from system-level specifications.
  • Familiarity with development processes in constrained/regulated environments such as aerospace, aeronautics, medical, rail industry…
  • Ability to write validation tests and work with simulated environments and hardware-in-the-loop testing.
  • Knowledge of version control systems, preferably Git.
  • Strong documentation skills and familiarity with documentation tools.
  • Experience with database data management.
  • Additional experience in Ada, C++, TCL, Python, and test infrastructures/test frameworks is a plus.

Other qualifications:

  • Bachelor or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or equivalent
  • Experience working autonomously and collaborating effectively in a diverse team.
  • Fluency in English is mandatory; French proficiency is an asset but not required.

Interested applicants are requested to apply through LinkedIn

More about SWISSto12:

SWISSto12 has successfully established contracts with Inmarsat, Intelsat and ESA for HummingSat as well as an established and growing business for its RF product line in Europe and the US with prominent partners and customers such as Thales, Frontgrade, Profen and ESA. SWISSto12 spun-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) in 2011, is privately owned and backed by prominent Swiss and European Investors. SWISSto12 is headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, and operates a US-subsidiary in Foster City California and another team in New Hampshire. The company is well funded for its near and mid-term developments and backed by a solid customer revenue stream.