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Additive manufactured RF components
SWISSto12 supplies additive manufactured (3D Printed) RF antenna, waveguide and filter components. The company specialises in product designs, which are 3D printed in high-performance polymers and subsequently metal plated through proprietary processes (pat. pend.).
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Material Characterisation Kit
SWISSto12 provides a fast and accurate instrument to access material permittivity and permeability in the millimetre wave and THz range. The Material Characterisation Kit (MCK) is available for frequency bands from WR15+ (45-75 GHz) up to WM-250 (750-1100 GHz) and compatible with standard UG387/UM flanges.
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Corrugated Waveguides
SWISSto12 supplies corrugated waveguides (Pat. Pend.) and adaptors for low-loss mm-wave and THz signal transmission. Applications using these components vary from Test and Measurement to Radio-Astronomy, DNP-NMR or Plasma Physics.