Corrugated Waveguides

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Low Loss
SWISSto12’s circular corrugated waveguides enable high-frequency signals for bands from WR-10+ (67-115 GHz) to WM-250 (750-1100 GHz) to be transmitted efficiently over appreciable distances, a problem that has previously thwarted applications at these frequencies.
SWISSto12 corrugated waveguides propagate an HE11 mode, analogous to the one in an optical fibre.
(E. De Rijk, Rev. Sci. Instr. , Vol. 82, 2011)

The SWISSto12 circular corrugated waveguides are compatible with standard interfaces (UG-387/UM) over bands from WR-10+ to WM-250

The modular set of products comprises:

  • Converters, ensuring the compatibility with standard rectangular waveguides and UG-387/UM interfaces.
  • Straight corrugated waveguide modules.
  • 90 Deg bends with rotary joint.

SWISSto12 waveguide enable millimetre wave and THz signals to be transmitted efficiently over appreciable distances.

corrugated waveguide swissto12 mm-wave terahertz
Examples of Application:

THz cryogenic  probe  station

Lake Shore Cryotronics Inc. uses SWISSto12 corrugated waveguides in its new mm-wave and THz cryogenic probe stations. (Press Release)
corrugated waveguide swissto12 mm-wave terahertz
Plasma Physics
SWISSto12’s technology originates from developments made in the field of Plasma Physics. Therefore, SWISSto12 is an active supplier of components in this area of application. More particularly, SWISSto12 is a supplier of components for the ITER project. Typical customised components include:

  • Notch filters (Download link) for the protection of Electron Cyclotron Emission (ECE) and Collective Thomson Scattering (CTS) diagnostics from Electron Cyclotron Resonance Heating (ECRH) power (figure to the left).
  • Waveguides for Reflectometry diagnostic systems
  • Diverse other passive components
corrugated waveguide swissto12 mm-wave terahertz
SWISSto12 is a prime actor in the field of THz wave-guiding components for Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (DNP-NMR) applications. Customised products have been manufactured both for solid state DNP-NMR spectrometers as well as for Dissolution DNP Pre-polarisers. SWISSto12 uses its expertise in cryogenics and in manufacturing of non-magnetic components for DNP-NMR applications operating between 140 and 527 GHz. These customised components include:

  • Antennas and converters
  • Waveguides (figure to the bottom left)
  • 90 Degree Bends
  • Beam Polarizers
  • Entire THz transmission lines from source to target (figures to the upper left)
corrugated waveguide swissto12 mm-wave terahertz
corrugated waveguide swissto12 mm-wave terahertz
SWISSto12 waveguides show losses that compete with traditional rectangular waveguide components.
For comparison, the propagation losses for the different Rectangular Waveguide Bands are listed below:
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