Additive manufactured RF components

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SWISSto12 supplies additive manufactured (3D Printed) RF antenna, waveguide and filter components. The company specialises in product designs, which are 3D printed in high-performance polymers and subsequently metal plated through proprietary processes (pat. pend.). This novel approach to manufacturing replaces traditional machining of metallic materials. In this context, SWISSto12 products feature drastic weight reductions, extended design flexibility and reduced production costs.

SWISSto12 either manufactures RF designs specified by its customers or RF designs components from specifications before proceeding with manufacturing.
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See below: Ka-band Antenna with complex septa. Design jointly made by LEMA-EPFL, Switzerland ( and Instituto de Telecomunicaçoes, Portugal (
Joana S. Silva, Eduardo B. Lima, Jorge R. Costa, Carlos A. Fernandes, and Juan R. Mosig, “Tx-Rx Lens-Based Satellite-on-the-Move Ka-Band Antenna,” submitted for publication]
The use of 3D printing open up possibilities for RF structures that were previously impossible to manufacture with conventional techniques. The use of plastics allows for weight reduction and thermal insulation. High quality copper plating ensures state of the art RF performances.
See below: Diagonal horn antenna in the WR 3.4 band (220-330 GHz) and its far-field intensity pattern (co-pol and x-pol) at 330 GHz
swissto12 mm-wave terahertz plastics waveguide
The performance of SWISSto12's 3D printed components competes with conventionally manufactured components. Custom products are possible with reduced lead times and attractive costs.
See below: Measurement in the WR-3.4 band of a 1 inch long split block metallic waveguide (Black curves) versus a SWISSto12 monolithic copper-coated 3D printed plastic waveguide (Red curves). Dashed curves correspond to theoretical losses.
3D printing enables fast manufacturing of both standard and custom components. Typical lead times are of 2-4 weeks.
See below: Metal coated plastic rectangular waveguide S-bend for on-wafer probing applications in the WR-5.1 band (140-220 GHz)