Material Characterisation Kit

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The SWISSto12 Material Characterisation Kit (MCK) gives real time access to dielectric and magnetic proprieties of samples at study with accurate S-parameter measurements.
The MCK (pat.pend.) is based on the SWISSto12 corrugated waveguides. The MCK design allows for a compact, reliable and easy to operate instrument. A robust calibration kit and routine are included along with a data acquisition and analysis software. The SWISSto12 MCK enables versatile measurement capabilities for commercially available mm-wave and THz test and measurement equipment.
material characterisation kit corrugated waveguide swissto12 mm-wave terahertz dielectric constant permittivity
The Material Characterization Kit (MCK) is based on SWISSto12 circular corrugated waveguides and converters (pat. pend.)

The MCK is available for frequency bands from WR-15+ (45-75 GHz) up to WM-250 (750-1100GHz) and compatible with standard UG387/UM flanges.

The MCK allows for accurate S parameter measurements either with:

  • Full 2 port configuration with S11, S22, S21 and S12 measurements.
  • Hybrid configuration with S11 and S21 measurements

See below: Measurement examples with fitted permittivity model assuming constant εR and tanδ over the WR-1.5 band (500 - 750 GHz)
Real time access the dielectric and magnetic properties of your sample with accurate S parameter measurements:
  • Insert a short in the sample slit and normalise the S11 (S22) trace.
  • Measure through w/o sample and normalise the S21 (S12) trace.
  • Open the slit, insert your sample and record the data.
  • Use the SWISSto12 software to translate S parameter data into material properties

The MCK is also compatible with the materials measurements software from Keysight Technologies.

See below: Table of available Material Characterisation Kits
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