SWISSto12 SA is a private company that spun-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland, (EPFL) in 2012.
The company name illustrates both its Swiss production technologies and the Tera (to the power of 12) of THz signals. SWISSto12 is a registered trade mark

SWISSto12 supplies Metal Coated 3D Printed components for (sub)mm-wave signal transmission such as waveguides and complex antennas structures.
unique business relies on innovative manufacturing techniques increasing design flexibility and reducing costs, lead times, and weight.

Moreover, SWISSto12 holds exclusive licenses for patents covering manufacturing techniques that are the first ones to enable the production of efficient THz signal transmission components over the full THz frequency range.

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SWISSto12 is a CTI Start-up